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Accident Repairs & Insurance Work

Resprays & Bodyshell Colour Changes

Body Restyling & Colour Coding

Alloy Wheel Repairs & Refurbishment

Previous Work

VW Touran VW Touran respray VW Touran VW Touran
Volkswagen Touran. Light accident damage to drivers side rear
Vauxhall Corsa Vauxhall Corsa respray Vauxhall Corsa Vauxhall Corsa
Vauxhall Corsa. Front and drivers side damage to '09 Corsa. Doors and bonnet replaced.
Ferrari Ferrari respray Ferrari Ferrari
Ferrari. Substantial damage to drivers side & front. Repair and full respray with 'Khan' wheels, sports exhaust & chrome mesh in bumpers. Insurance claim over £25,000.
Volkswagen Passat VW Passat VW Passat
Volkswagen Passat . Damage to passengers side rear door and quarter panel.
Mercedes Mercedes respray Mercedes Mercedes
Mercedes . 20mm suspension drop, window tinting and 19" Mercedes Brabus alloy wheels.
Range Rover, Overfinch Range Rover, Overfinch respray Range Rover, Overfinch Range Rover, Overfinch
Range Rover, Overfinch. This Range Rover was restyled & colour coded.
Freelander Freelander respray Freelander Freelander
Freelander, To replace rear bumper and drivers side rear light. To paint all drivers side of vehicle and front bumpers caused by scratches and paint chips.
Freelander Freelander respray Freelander Freelander
Audi TT, Off side front damage.  Front panel, bonnet and Near side front wing replaced.
BMW. Damage to passenger side of vehicle.  Replacement of both near side doors and repair to n/s rear quarter panel.
Honda CRV Honda CRV respray Honda CRV Honda CRV
Honda CRV . Damage to near side front door.
Landcruiser Landcruiser Landcruiser  
Landcruiser. Damage to n/s/f door, new paintwork has been flatted to get a 'glasslike' finish.
Ford Focus Ford Focus respray Ford Focus  
Ford Focus . New driver side wing fitted and drivers side door repaired.
Subaru Subaru respray Subaru  
Subaru. Rear end damage - replacement of rear bumper, tailgate and repair to o/s/r quarter panel.
Vauxhall Astra Vauxhall Astra respray Vauxhall Astra  
Vauxhall Astra. Front o/s damage - replacement of front wing, bumper, headlamp etc.  Repair bonnet.
Volkwagen Golf Volkwagen Golf respray Volkwagen Golf  
Volkswagen Golf . Light damage to off-side front wing.
Vauxhall corsa accident repair Vauxhall corsa accident repair Vauxhall corsa accident repair  
Vauxhall Corsa. Replacement of the N/S/R quarter panel.
Toyota Yaris Toyota Yaris respray    
Toyota Yaris . 30mm suspension drop, window tinting, colour coded, roof spoiler and body stripe.
BMW Alloy wheel repairs    
BMW. Paintwork to all off-side vehicle due to vandal scratches.
Vauxhall Zafira Vauxhall Zafira respray    
Vauxhall Zafira. Sometimes we are asked to repair the 'unrepairable'.
Bentley Continental GT Bentley Continental GT respray    
Bentley Continental GT. 53 plate, full body colour change from Bentley silver to VW/Bentley white
Vauxhall Zafira Vauxhall Zafira respray    
Vauxhall zafira . Damage to passenger side rear quarter.
BMW BMW respray    
BMW. To repair and paint drivers side rear door and blend paint into drivers side rear quarter panel and front door.
Alloy wheel repairs Alloy wheel repairs    
Wheel Repairs. Kerb damaged wheels refurbished.
Lamboghini Lamboghini respray    
Lamboghini. A customer purchased a red lamborghini countach and requested it resprayed in black before it was shipped to Australia.
Renault Scenic Renault Scenic respray    
Renault Scenic. Light accident damage and replacement bonnet, front panel and drivers side front wing.
Toyota Yaris Toyota Yaris respray    
Toyota Yaris. Damage to front end and passenger side chassis.
Renault Clio Renault Clio respray    
Renault Clio. Replace of passenger side rear quarter panel due to accident damage
Range Rover, Overfinch      
Ferrari. This Ferrari 348 was stolen from the owners address with keys. It was abandoned with damage to front wing and passenger side sill area .


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